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From the cities to the regions, we’re focused on creating the community building opportunities to make NSW a better place to live, work and play.

We’re committed to delivering socially responsible and regionally focused outcomes, to support employment, residential and place-making opportunities.

  1. Affordable Housing

    Affordable Housing

    TAHE’s Affordable Housing Pilot Project will unlock new housing opportunities to help tackle the rising challenge of housing affordability in NSW.

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  2. Gunning


    Gunning station’s new future as a community arts and cultural hub was showcased at a preview event in May.

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  3.  Blayney


    The Blayney and surrounding communities have access to a new arts hub located in the newly restored Blayney Station in NSW’s Central West.

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Our dedicated team is actively reviewing our portfolio to identify opportunities to deliver on our commercial, sustainable and place-making objectives.

We are open to ideas so if you have one for our sites, please get in touch.

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Do you have a property enquiry?