TAHE Speak Up Program

Who can use the service?

In addition to TAHE’s workforce, the Speak Up Program is available to members of the public, who wish to report wrongdoing relating to a TAHE employee, contractor, subcontractor or volunteer.


What you can report?

The Speak Up Program can be used to report known or suspected serious misconduct (as defined in the Public Interest Disclosures (PID) Act 2022). Serious misconduct includes:

  • Corrupt conduct;
  • Serious maladministration;
  • Serious and substantial waste of public money;
  • Breach of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009; and 
  • Breach of privacy laws.

The Speak Up Program may also be used to report instances of:

  • Bullying and harassment;
  • Discrimination; and
  • Modern Slavery.