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Safety is a key priority and underpins everything we do, every day. Our safety culture guides our overarching objective – to undertake our activities in a safe and reliable manner, and importantly, in our focus on the safety and wellbeing of our workers.

The establishment of TAHE has further strengthened NSW’s transport safety arrangements by providing governance aligned to legislated obligations, to assure that NSW rail assets and infrastructure are safe, reliable and fit-for-purpose.

Transport for NSW and the accredited rail operators under the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) continue to manage, maintain and operate our rail network, assets, and infrastructure to deliver safe and reliable passenger and freight services.

TAHE applies the three lines of assurance model to establish clear accountabilities at each of the three lines of assurance. This enables TAHE to critically assess that its risk exposure is appropriately controlled and assure itself that its agents, third party operators, maintenance and service providers are capable of complying with relevant asset management, safety and environmental legislation, regulatory obligations, accreditations, operating licence and contractual requirements.