Transport Asset Holding Entity of NSW - Annual Report 2022-23

Year ending 30 June 2023

Statement of Corporate Intent of Transport Asset Holding Entity of NSW

Year ending 30 June 2022

Statement of Expectations Annual Statement

August 2022

TAHE Safety and Asset Management Outcomes Annual Report

Financial Year 2021-22

Supplier Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Statement

Agency Information Guide

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Contracts Awarded

State legislation requires NSW public authorities to make certain information accessible to the public.

This includes information about contracts between NSW public authorities and private sector organisations valued at $150,000 or over (including GST).

We upload all relevant contract details to the Transport Asset Holding Entity of New South Wales contracts register on the NSW Government eTendering website as required by the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). Each contract is disclosed under a unique Contract Award Notice Identifier (CAN ID).

Information made public

The information made public on the eTendering website includes:

  • The name and business address of the contractor
  • Effective date of the contract and its duration
  • Particulars of the project to be undertaken, goods and services to be provided, or transfer or lease of real property
  • Estimated amount payable to the contractor
  • Description of variation and renegotiation provisions in the contractor
  • Method of tendering and assessment criteria
  • Description of any operational or maintenance services to be provided
  • Information required under other NSW Government legislation, policies or directions

TfNSW under operational agreements and agency arrangements with TAHE, publish relevant and associated contracts, refer to TfNSW’s website for further information:

For more information, please refer to the TAHE Supplier Code of Conduct.

Right to Information (GIPA Act) Requests

TAHE is committed to improving accountability and transparency by increasing access to the information which may be of interest to the general public.

You may send your application by post with a payment by cheque or money order. Please note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, applications lodged by post may be delayed.

An access application must:

  • Be in writing and addressed to TAHE
  • Indicate that it is an application under the GIPA Act
  • Include payment of the $30 application fee
  • Include details of a postal address for correspondence
  • Include as much information as possible for us to identify the information that you are requesting.

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